Hello to all those who are still following me. It´s been a while since I posted something new (my last entry was 2013!).

Indeed, this blog, once known under the name Kimono Momiji, was inactive for quite a long time. I wasn´t satisfied with the name and the whole design anymore and announced, ages ago, that I will open a new Kimono blog.

Time passed, but I just couldn´t find the motivation to work on this blog again ... further, I also haven´t found many occasions to wear my Kimonos in public anymore.

I still love Kimono a lot, nevertheless, last year I haven´t bought any new piece for my collection. And so everything regarding this blog came to a standstill.

However, since my motivation to work on this blog again came back a little bit, I decided to reactive it! Many things aren´t finished yet, and older posts will be deleted/changed with time or newly shared!

But my Kimono blog is now back to life under the name:

Iki-Kimono ~ The elegance of Kimono ~

Best wishes and I hope all of you had a good start into 2016!

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