... to all my dear readers. Please have a good and pleasant start into 2013, with your family and friends, the year of the snake in Japan/China. Snake is also my Chinese/Japanese zodiac sign.

Of course I made a New year picture for you again, I hope you like it ~

Hello my dear readers,

I was really busy the last few weeks and I want to apologize for my absence. (_ _) I hope you all had a wonderful and pleasant Christmas with your family and friends. ♥

Well, last week I bought a new Kimono - finally a Komon and the best is ... with my favs designs: peonies and fans. Please have a look ~


botan (peony), senmen (paper centres of folding fans),
tachibana (mandarin orange), seigaiha (semicircular repeated wave)


Full length (from bottom till under the collar): 156 cm
Sleeve length: 48 cm
Span width: 128 cm

I also wanna show you one of my christmas presents I got from my sister yesterday. It was really a surprise *_*/

2 lovely handmade and unique Kanzashi from www.miss-overdose.com

I will wear this Komon and the Kanzashi definitely on the next Japan-Day in Düsseldorf. ♥

I already talked about the Japanese-German music evening I attended to. Today I found two further pictures on the event´s page someone took of me. Of course I want to show them here as well:

Unfortunately I had not enought time to tie a more fancy musubi, so I decided to wear o-taiko. But I think it was OK for this event and all people there liked it very much ♥

I am so glad that I have this multi-seasonal Furisode, I only have to change the obi *laughs*
Hello dear readers! How was your Halloween?

I went to a friend´s party, it was really nice. Children came to the friend´s house and of course they got many sweets from us. ^-^/

the cute Halloween decoration

My Halloween custome? Well, I donnot have one so I decided to wear one of my Kurotomesode. I know Tomesode are actually for married women and very formal but ...

I wore Tomesode for the first time, I hope you like it!?

back side -
the tesaki (end of the obi) is too long >o<

obligatory feet shot ~

spiderweb make-up

Last week from 23.-26.2012 an event called "Japanwoche - Japan week" took place at our local academy of languages "F+U Heidelberg".

I went to the Japanese-German music evening event and of course I wore Kimono =D And friend of mine, called Ayumi, sang there too. I was very impressed by all the amazing voices I listened to this evening. They sang classic songs accompanied on the piano.

I filmed with my camera but I am not allowed to upload them without permission, sorry :(

Ayumi and me

it´s great to have a multiseasonal Furisode ♥ 

lovely origami cranes ~

Today I want to present my Houmongi



Full length (from bottom till under the collar): 157 cm
Sleeve length: 66 cm
Span width: 125 cm

Motive: tachibana (mandarin orange), eda-ume (plum on the branch), kiku (chrysanthemum) 
and ran (orchid with long, narrow spike shaped petals)

... and the Ro Houmongi I own:


Full length (from bottom till under the collar): 155 cm
Sleeve length: 54 cm
Span width: 120 cm

Motive: nadeshiko (dianthus/pinks), momiji (maple)
and tsuyu-shiba (dew and grass)

A while ago I tried to coordinate my Taishou Kurotomesode. Luckily I also have a Taishou Maruobi which suits this Kurotomesode perfectly and a vintage chirimen Haneri. What do you think about this combi?

The problem is ... I donnot have a Juban for this Kimono at the moment ...

Two days before our Sushi meeting I made a Kimono test dressing and of course I took some pictures, too =) I also want to share them with you. If you like you can leave a comment.

Oh and by the way ... for this test dressing I did not used all the Kitsuke items I actually use. Missing items are:


this handpuppet you can see on this pic is called "Pikochu".
It´s the mascot from one of my fav. Japanese singers who is called "Piko" ♥

Hello dear readers!

Sorry for the late update ... I was so busy the last few weeks (_ _)"
But today I wanna share some (I hope) nice Kitsuke pictures with you.

Well, last Saturday (08.09.) we had a big Sushi meeting. We, that means the Japanese course which I attend to and the people from the Japanese beginner course. That was the best chance for me to wear Kimono again, finally ♥

I decided to wear my very first Kimono, the Tsukesage with orchid design. It´s perfect for September ´cause you can wear orchids only during this month (I heard lol).

Fortunatley I also have a Fukuro obi with the same motive ;-)

But let´s go back to the Sushi meeting ... before we went to the restaurant we made some nice group pics:

The woman who is wearing the green shirt is my sensei (teacher). Her name is Mikiko. Some course member also brought friends along ~ We were about 20 people in the end together *laughs*

and here is the food I ordered:

(starter): Miso soup and some lychee

(main dish): California maki and a set menu

(dessert): Mochi ♥

All was so delicious - like always *haha*

Itadakimasu ~

after the dinner a friend of mine made some more pics in front of the restaurant:

together with Laura ♥

inside of our courtyard:

(sorry for the quality, mobile phone pics)

It was a really lovely and nice day, we all enjoyed the sushi and I hope we can make such a Sushi meeting soon again.

Regards ~

Hello dear readers!

Today I wanna show you my recents wins. I hope you also like them ♥

Like already said, one of my fav. motives are peonies. So I am happy that I finally found a very nice and cheap Fukuro obi and a nice bag with peony design *♡*

... with peony and pheasant

Well, a short while ago I had to sell one of my Tomesode (it was one I did not show you here already) because it was in unwearable condition ... but for the money I earned I bought this beautiful Tomesode. It was love at first sight:


Full length (from bottom till under the collar): 160 cm
Sleeve length: 48 cm
Span width: 134 cm

Motive: tsuru (crane), eda ume (plum on the branch), ayame (iris),
hagi (bush clover), kikyo (bellflower) and kiku (chrysanthemum)
on toyama (mountain) and ryusui (flowing water)

... and finally a formal gold-silver Obijime:

What do you like the most? =D

Finally I uploaded the whole Firework on Youtube.
Tanoshinde kudasai ~ Please enjoy ~

It was very windy so my hair looks a little bit messy here *haha* and my Obiage also donnot wanted to stay in place ...

This year I went to the Japan-Day for the first time together with my boyfriend. It was a really nice and exiting day.

Fortunately the weather was good =D

Of course I wore Kimono - my Furisode:

- still in the hotel, before we went to the Immermannstreet, unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the back side ... I tied my Obi in Tateya musubi style.

me at the Rheinpromenade ♥

Many Japanese people (mainly the woman) smiled at me friendly because of my Kimono and some also took a photo of me.

Here are all the things I bought. Many Ukiyo-e postcards and with other traditional motives, finally two Usagi uchiwa, a Sharaku book, two magazines with one of my fav. bands Plastic Tree and many more ♥

the cute moon rabbit postcard ♥

I had to buy them ♥

I filmed the whole firework with my camera. I think I will upload it on Youtube these days. It was so great ♥

Nihon dē wa totemo tanoshikatta desu ne. Mata rainen ~