Hello dear Kimono friends! (・ω・)/

Even though my blog was on hiatus during 2014 and 2015, that doesn't mean I was totally inactive in the world of Kimono at this time. 2015 was a quite Kimono-free year for me, but during 2014 there were a few occasions when I could wear Kimono.

To be honest, I have to admit that I somehow regret it that my blog was on a break for such a long time which caused a huge gap in my blog archive.

However, I want to fill this gap now with an entry about which Kimono from my collection I wore during 2014. Let's start:

From May 3rd to the 4th, I visited the annual convention called 'Hanami' which takes place in Ludwigshafen, Germany. This convention is one of the few bigger ones that isn´t soo far away from where I live. Of course, I took advantage of the opportunity to wear Kimono again in public.

But before I come to what I wore during those two days, here are a some impressions of what kind of stuff they sold and what I bought ;-)

Cute pandas ♥
Pokemon plush toys
more Pokemon plush toys and some from Studio Ghibli ♥
the figure on the left side is from the Anime called
'Another' which I really like. Her name is Mei Misaki :-)
Unfortunately I couldn´t afford buying her :(

Pusheen shirts :3
Sailor Moon stuff *-*

There even was a band called 'Unsayn' playing. They weren´t that bad and the German Cosplay Championship also took place, but I don´t want to start a pic spam here right now. Plus, the pics of that weren´t that great either *haha*

Now let´s come to my purchases which weren´t that much actually ~

'Vampire Knight' manga vol.08, Washi tape and a memo pad
Japanese exerxise book (mainly for Kanji) and 3 beautiful fans
and a super cute Alpacasso ^_^ That also was the most expensive thing I bought there *lol*

Last but not least, my Kimono ouftits! On the 1st day, I wore the Furisode I got for Christmas 2014:

I tied my Obi in the Tateya style but wasn´t really
satisfied with how it turned out in the end ... and pls ignore my derp face ;-)

This pic was made by the photographer AngelRei from the KWICK! Community (http://www.kwick.de/AngelRei/portrait/)
This pic also was made by the photographer AngelRei from the KWICK! Community (http://www.kwick.de/AngelRei/portrait/)

My outfit for the second day was the following:

A rather casual style with one of my Komon Kimono
and a creme-beige Tsuke-Obi (for the lazy Kimono fans *haha*) ~
Here you also can see the whole motiv on my Tsuke-Obi ~

Which outfit do you like the most? Would be nice to read your opinion ♥

Happy 'Seijin no hi' (成人の日)! It´s the 'coming-of-age day' in Japan, celebrated on January 11th this year 
and when the young Japanese women wear wonderful Furisode‬ Kimono. For this event, I created 3 outifts!

Same Furisode, but different accessories ~

Left outfit:

A very princess-like/pinkish style. Personally, I am a fan of tone on tone outfits. I like the tassel on the Obijime, it´s a cute detail ♥ The peonies on the Kimono also can be found on the Kimono (pls click on the pics to enlarge)

Right outfit:

I used the same Furisode like in the 1st coordination but changed the Obi, Obijime, the bag and added an adorable bow-shaped Obidome *°

Further details of my 1st 'Seijin no hi' coordination - Obi, Obijime with tassel, embroidered Tabi socks and Han-eri/Kasane-eri with
rhinestones (sorry that my camera couldn´t make a better pic of that detail) ♡

Further details of my 2nd 'Seijin no hi' Kimono outfit. I changed the Obi, Obijime, the bag and added a cute bow-shaped Obidome. Like on the Obi, there's also a peacock on the bag ♡

As a contrast to my black Furisode, here's my cream-white one, which is the 3rd 'Seijin no hi' coordination I created. This piece was the very first Furisode I bought about 6 years ago, which even can be washed since it's synthetic. 

Also the Obi was one of my very first Kimono purchases back then, bought only for this Furi. The bag and Zouri are a set. I love it that the butterflies can be found on the Kimono and as well on the Obi.

A few further details of my 3rd 'Seijin no hi' ensemble: Obi, Obijime, two Date-eri and the Zouri with matching bag and embroidered Tabi socks.

Which ensemble do you like the most? 

Following the ‘New Year Kitsuke coordination’ tradition - here are two Kuro-tomesode ensembles.

In the first pic (upper left corner), I layed out the Kimono a little bit wider than usually worn, simply because I wanted to show more of the lovely design, same with the Fukuro-Obi ♡

This coord shows how Kuro-tomesode are normally worn nowadays - with a white Obiage and a golden/silver (or one of those colors only) Obijime to complete the formal look.

The 2nd outfit is a Kuro-tomesode from the Taishou era (with its typical red inner lining and longer sleeves), the Maru-Obi as well. They are the oldest pieces in my collection and I think they look as if they were made for each other ♡

I wanted to created a ‘Geiko-/Geisha-inspired’ look.

The last two pics reveal a few more details:

the Han-eri is also rather an older piece and I think it suits the ensemble very well ~ The bag which I’ve used for both coords, was one of the first Kimono related things I bought when I started my collection ♡

What do you think about those coords? 

Hello to all those who are still following me. It´s been a while since I posted something new (my last entry was 2013!).

Indeed, this blog, once known under the name Kimono Momiji, was inactive for quite a long time. I wasn´t satisfied with the name and the whole design anymore and announced, ages ago, that I will open a new Kimono blog.

Time passed, but I just couldn´t find the motivation to work on this blog again ... further, I also haven´t found many occasions to wear my Kimonos in public anymore.

I still love Kimono a lot, nevertheless, last year I haven´t bought any new piece for my collection. And so everything regarding this blog came to a standstill.

However, since my motivation to work on this blog again came back a little bit, I decided to reactive it! Many things aren´t finished yet, and older posts will be deleted/changed with time or newly shared!

But my Kimono blog is now back to life under the name:

Iki-Kimono ~ The elegance of Kimono ~

Best wishes and I hope all of you had a good start into 2016!