Following the ‘New Year Kitsuke coordination’ tradition - here are two Kuro-tomesode ensembles.

In the first pic (upper left corner), I layed out the Kimono a little bit wider than usually worn, simply because I wanted to show more of the lovely design, same with the Fukuro-Obi ♡

This coord shows how Kuro-tomesode are normally worn nowadays - with a white Obiage and a golden/silver (or one of those colors only) Obijime to complete the formal look.

The 2nd outfit is a Kuro-tomesode from the Taishou era (with its typical red inner lining and longer sleeves), the Maru-Obi as well. They are the oldest pieces in my collection and I think they look as if they were made for each other ♡

I wanted to created a ‘Geiko-/Geisha-inspired’ look.

The last two pics reveal a few more details:

the Han-eri is also rather an older piece and I think it suits the ensemble very well ~ The bag which I’ve used for both coords, was one of the first Kimono related things I bought when I started my collection ♡

What do you think about those coords? 

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