The Christmas season came and went as fast as every year - I hope you all had a nice time together with your dearest people! ♥ Unfortunately I couldn´t feel the Christmas vibe as much as in the past years, surely due to the stress caused by all the preparations we had to make *sighs* Though another reason could be that we had rather warm Christmas days, who knows!?

My family and me have spent Christmas at my sister´s and her husband´s house this time which was very nice. A few impressions for you all:

yummy *u*

I got many lovely presents and the ones which certainly interest you the most are the two Kimono *smile* Here they are ~

Hakubai -Tsukesage

Hakubai (白梅) - White plum
... with eda-ume (plum on the branch), botan (peony),
senmen (paper centres of folding fans), ougi (folding fans)
and kumihimo (cords)

I already made a first coordination try with it. What do you think? ♥

And now my fantastic new Furisode - in real it´s much more impressive, you cannot imagine *o*

Hana matsuri - Ooburisode

Hana matsuri (花祭り) - Flower festival
... with hana guruma (flower cart), peony (botan),
sakura (cherry blossoms), fuji (wisteria), ayame (iris),
nadeshiko (dianthus/pinks), kiku (chrysanthemum),
kikyou (bellflower) and hagi (bushclover)

I am still unsure about which Obi is better? 1st or 2nd one (・−・)・・・?

Somehow I totally forgot to show you my new Tabi socks (>_<). They go perfectly with the Furisode, right?

Kohaze Tabi with beautiful rhinestones

I wish you all already a good and save start into 2014! Feel hugged by me ヽ(´▽`)/*

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