Hello dear Kimono friends! (・ω・)/

Even though my blog was on hiatus during 2014 and 2015, that doesn't mean I was totally inactive in the world of Kimono at this time. 2015 was a quite Kimono-free year for me, but during 2014 there were a few occasions when I could wear Kimono.

To be honest, I have to admit that I somehow regret it that my blog was on a break for such a long time which caused a huge gap in my blog archive.

However, I want to fill this gap now with an entry about which Kimono from my collection I wore during 2014. Let's start:

From May 3rd to the 4th, I visited the annual convention called 'Hanami' which takes place in Ludwigshafen, Germany. This convention is one of the few bigger ones that isn´t soo far away from where I live. Of course, I took advantage of the opportunity to wear Kimono again in public.

But before I come to what I wore during those two days, here are a some impressions of what kind of stuff they sold and what I bought ;-)

Cute pandas ♥
Pokemon plush toys
more Pokemon plush toys and some from Studio Ghibli ♥
the figure on the left side is from the Anime called
'Another' which I really like. Her name is Mei Misaki :-)
Unfortunately I couldn´t afford buying her :(

Pusheen shirts :3
Sailor Moon stuff *-*

There even was a band called 'Unsayn' playing. They weren´t that bad and the German Cosplay Championship also took place, but I don´t want to start a pic spam here right now. Plus, the pics of that weren´t that great either *haha*

Now let´s come to my purchases which weren´t that much actually ~

'Vampire Knight' manga vol.08, Washi tape and a memo pad
Japanese exerxise book (mainly for Kanji) and 3 beautiful fans
and a super cute Alpacasso ^_^ That also was the most expensive thing I bought there *lol*

Last but not least, my Kimono ouftits! On the 1st day, I wore the Furisode I got for Christmas 2014:

I tied my Obi in the Tateya style but wasn´t really
satisfied with how it turned out in the end ... and pls ignore my derp face ;-)

This pic was made by the photographer AngelRei from the KWICK! Community (http://www.kwick.de/AngelRei/portrait/)
This pic also was made by the photographer AngelRei from the KWICK! Community (http://www.kwick.de/AngelRei/portrait/)

My outfit for the second day was the following:

A rather casual style with one of my Komon Kimono
and a creme-beige Tsuke-Obi (for the lazy Kimono fans *haha*) ~
Here you also can see the whole motiv on my Tsuke-Obi ~

Which outfit do you like the most? Would be nice to read your opinion ♥

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Shiro Samurai hat gesagt…

Aaah I didn't know you were in Germany! That's so cool! My brother loooooves Germany and he visited last summer (I think) but he didn't get an occasion to go to a convention. One day I want to go to a German con!

I really like that black furisode! It's not all too often that you see a black one, haha.

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Aichi hat gesagt…

Thanks for you comment :) Yes, I am located in the South of Germany - Heidelberg ^_^ Oh, really? Makes me happy to read that he enjoyed it that much here :3 I hope you´ll be able to visit a German con one day! We have many cons xD

That is true, you don´t see black Furis that often *^-^*/

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