Hello dear readers!

Today I wanna show you my recents wins. I hope you also like them ♥

Like already said, one of my fav. motives are peonies. So I am happy that I finally found a very nice and cheap Fukuro obi and a nice bag with peony design *♡*

... with peony and pheasant

Well, a short while ago I had to sell one of my Tomesode (it was one I did not show you here already) because it was in unwearable condition ... but for the money I earned I bought this beautiful Tomesode. It was love at first sight:


Full length (from bottom till under the collar): 160 cm
Sleeve length: 48 cm
Span width: 134 cm

Motive: tsuru (crane), eda ume (plum on the branch), ayame (iris),
hagi (bush clover), kikyo (bellflower) and kiku (chrysanthemum)
on toyama (mountain) and ryusui (flowing water)

... and finally a formal gold-silver Obijime:

What do you like the most? =D

Finally I uploaded the whole Firework on Youtube.
Tanoshinde kudasai ~ Please enjoy ~

It was very windy so my hair looks a little bit messy here *haha* and my Obiage also donnot wanted to stay in place ...

This year I went to the Japan-Day for the first time together with my boyfriend. It was a really nice and exiting day.

Fortunately the weather was good =D

Of course I wore Kimono - my Furisode:

- still in the hotel, before we went to the Immermannstreet, unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the back side ... I tied my Obi in Tateya musubi style.

me at the Rheinpromenade ♥

Many Japanese people (mainly the woman) smiled at me friendly because of my Kimono and some also took a photo of me.

Here are all the things I bought. Many Ukiyo-e postcards and with other traditional motives, finally two Usagi uchiwa, a Sharaku book, two magazines with one of my fav. bands Plastic Tree and many more ♥

the cute moon rabbit postcard ♥

I had to buy them ♥

I filmed the whole firework with my camera. I think I will upload it on Youtube these days. It was so great ♥

Nihon dē wa totemo tanoshikatta desu ne. Mata rainen ~