Happy 'Seijin no hi' (成人の日)! It´s the 'coming-of-age day' in Japan, celebrated on January 11th this year 
and when the young Japanese women wear wonderful Furisode‬ Kimono. For this event, I created 3 outifts!

Same Furisode, but different accessories ~

Left outfit:

A very princess-like/pinkish style. Personally, I am a fan of tone on tone outfits. I like the tassel on the Obijime, it´s a cute detail ♥ The peonies on the Kimono also can be found on the Kimono (pls click on the pics to enlarge)

Right outfit:

I used the same Furisode like in the 1st coordination but changed the Obi, Obijime, the bag and added an adorable bow-shaped Obidome *°

Further details of my 1st 'Seijin no hi' coordination - Obi, Obijime with tassel, embroidered Tabi socks and Han-eri/Kasane-eri with
rhinestones (sorry that my camera couldn´t make a better pic of that detail) ♡

Further details of my 2nd 'Seijin no hi' Kimono outfit. I changed the Obi, Obijime, the bag and added a cute bow-shaped Obidome. Like on the Obi, there's also a peacock on the bag ♡

As a contrast to my black Furisode, here's my cream-white one, which is the 3rd 'Seijin no hi' coordination I created. This piece was the very first Furisode I bought about 6 years ago, which even can be washed since it's synthetic. 

Also the Obi was one of my very first Kimono purchases back then, bought only for this Furi. The bag and Zouri are a set. I love it that the butterflies can be found on the Kimono and as well on the Obi.

A few further details of my 3rd 'Seijin no hi' ensemble: Obi, Obijime, two Date-eri and the Zouri with matching bag and embroidered Tabi socks.

Which ensemble do you like the most? 

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