Last year a friend of mine, Yukiko Tanaka, wrote about my Kimono style/collection on her own blog. You can see the entry here:

click (Japanese only)

She wrote that I prefer more the elegant and traditional style of Kimono - that is true. Also that I am very interested into Geisha and Maiko. Further she talked about my other Japan related blogs.

She said in the end that she is happy that I love the Japanese culture so much. =) I have to say that Yukiko-san described my Kimono style and my collection very well. That makes me so happy.

Now some facts about Yukiko and her Kimono shop:

Yukiko-san is the owner of KIMONO PONCHO (since 2010). This shop sells selfmade Kimono poncho´s made of kimono, yukata or western fabrics.

© Kimono Poncho
Further you also can find Kimono, Yukata and komomo (Kimono accessoires), fabrics or silk threads on the shop´s page.

You can visit her Etsy shop here (click) and her FB page (click). Her ponchos are very beautiful and as far as I know she also make ponchos, yukata and obi on request.

Today around 5 am I finally won a cute and pink Han-eri. Last time I tried to get one from the same shop I lost the auction ... but now I am even more excited. ♥

Detail pictures:

Isn´t it beautiful and cute? Cannot wait to wear it for the Japan-Day in Düsseldorf. Speaking of the Japan-Day ... finally booked the hotel room. We are going to stay in the IBIS Hotel near the main station.

I want to present you now the last part of my Kimono coordination project "Spring has come".

I created different outfits with the same Kimono only by changing the Obi or Komomo (accessoires).

Please tell me which one you like the most. Thank you! ♥

1st outfit

Pale lilac Tsukesage with peony motive,
Fukuro Obi with kanzemizu (whirlpool) design,
salmon pink Obiage with Shibori pattern and green/pink Obijime

Along with orange-gold Zori and matching bag
2nd outfit

I want to wear this outfit one day before the Japanday in Düsseldorf.
My bfriend and me will be there already on Friday and go to a
japanese Restaurant with friends.

here with another Fukuro Obi
(senmen, ayame, peony and eda-ume design),
a green shibori Obiage and silver Obijime.

Along with silver/pink Zori and matching bag
same outfit but with a gold/silver Obijime
3rd outfit

I think I will wear this for my birthday party ♥

here with Rokutsuu Fukuro Obi
(ryusui - flowing water motive),
salmon pink Obiage with shibori pattern
and shiny pink Obijime

Today I want to show you the 3 last Obi from my collection I have so far; 2 Fukuro Obi and 1 Rokutsuu Fukuro:

Fukuro Obi with senmen (paper centres of folding fans),
manju-giku (stylised, rounded chrysanthemum),
kasamatsu (dense pine branch, 'mushroom' shaped)
and eda-ume (plum on the branch)

Fukuro Obi with sasa (bamboo)

Rokutsuu Fukuro Obi with woven cattleya (orchids) and hishigata (diamonds)

Further two Shibori Obiage I won yesterday:

deep pink color

deep orange color

Konnichi wa (Hello) dear followers,

I am glad that people liked my first (click) coordinations. I got some nice comments, not only here but also via Facebook. ♡ Thank you very much ♡

Well, back on topic. Today I want to present you the second coordination and I hope you also like this one. ❀

Here you can see my Komon with botan and senmen design along with my Tsuke-obi. As accessoires I chose a green shibori Obiage and the ribbon Obidome with lace Sanbuhimo. Further a pink bag, silver/pink Zori and Tabi with Sakura embroidery.

Not on the pictures ... but for my hair I will wear the Kanzashi I got from my sister as christmas gift. You can see them here (click) ~

I want to wear this ensemble for the upcoming Japan-Day in Düsseldorf.

Hello dear Kimono fans!

Like the title says - I made a Kimono coordination project with the subject "Spring has come". The pictures are not professional but I hope you still like them. Please let me know what you think about it!

The first coordination:

Green Tsukesage with peony motive and my Rokutsuu Fukuro Obi with butterfly design. As Obiage I used silk fabric which has cute cherry blossoms on it. You can find the peony motive also on the bag.

click on the pics to enlarge

Hello hello my dear readers!

I hope you all had a good start into March - spring is coming soon ♡ Time to wear Kimono more often!

Last week I found this super adorable ribbon Obidome with a lace Sanbuhimo.

I always wanted to have one, but they can be very expensive ´cause of the high quality materials.

The Obidome I bought is a modern one and so it was cheap. I think I will wear it with my Komon for the Japan-Day in Düsseldorf.

What do you think about it?