Hi there dear Kimono enthusiasts!

As the title of my new blog post implies, I was working on a small project. At first I had the idea to create some 'winter/early spring' coords but in the end I took out only one Kimono and created 3 styles by changing the Obi (and a few accessories).

Of course I wanted to follow the seasonality, therefore I chose the almost salmon pink Tsukesage I got for Christmas 2 years ago, which has primarily ume (plum) as motif. Since the plum blossoms are still blooming, I thought this Kimono would be perfect for this post ♡  Further, there aren't any proper 'Kimono coords' pics with this Kimono yet.

Let´s start with style No.1 (as always, click on the pics to enlarge them)

Pinkish Tsukesage paired with a silver-gold Fukuro Obi which has senmen (paper centres of folding fans),
manju-giku (stylised, rounded chrysanthemum), kasamatsu (dense pine branch, 'mushroom' shaped) and eda-ume
(plum on the branch) as motif

Detail shot of the lovely eda-ume on the sleeves

Detail shot of the Obi, Obiage and Obijime. The Obiage & Obijime are a set

Front part of the Kimono´s design.
You can see the plums on the branch, fans (senmen), peonies and kumihimo (cords)

Chose also a pink bag and silver-pink Zori

Now let´s continue with style No.2

Here I paired the Tsukesage with my sasa (bamboo) Fukuro Obi

Detail shot of the Obi ~ The bamboo comes in silver, light pink and of course green
I used the same Obiage as before but changed the Obijime

The silver of the Obijime also can be found in the Obi

Last but not least - style No.3

The Tsukesage paired with one of my fav Obi from my collection,
This Fukurou Obi has enmen (paper centres of folding fans),
botan (peony), ayame (iris) and eda-ume (plum on the branch) as motif.
Most of those motive also can be found on the Kimono, except the irises.
Iris is also one of those typcial spring flowers

Detail shot of the Obi ~ As for the Obiage, I used a light lavender one.
The gold and silver of the Obijime can be found in the Obi as well

Details of the lovely Kimono design ♥

So, which one do you like the most? Would be nice to hear what you think about the different styles. 
Thank you (*^_^*)

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Kaeru hat gesagt…

I don't know why but I prefer the last one ! :)

Aichi hat gesagt…

Me actually too (๑´︶`๑)☆ Thanks for your comment ♡

Unknown hat gesagt…

they are so beautiful but I like the last one the most :D

Aichi hat gesagt…

Thanks for sharing your opinion ♡ I also like the last one the most (*´ω`*)

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