Last year a friend of mine, Yukiko Tanaka, wrote about my Kimono style/collection on her own blog. You can see the entry here:

click (Japanese only)

She wrote that I prefer more the elegant and traditional style of Kimono - that is true. Also that I am very interested into Geisha and Maiko. Further she talked about my other Japan related blogs.

She said in the end that she is happy that I love the Japanese culture so much. =) I have to say that Yukiko-san described my Kimono style and my collection very well. That makes me so happy.

Now some facts about Yukiko and her Kimono shop:

Yukiko-san is the owner of KIMONO PONCHO (since 2010). This shop sells selfmade Kimono poncho´s made of kimono, yukata or western fabrics.

© Kimono Poncho
Further you also can find Kimono, Yukata and komomo (Kimono accessoires), fabrics or silk threads on the shop´s page.

You can visit her Etsy shop here (click) and her FB page (click). Her ponchos are very beautiful and as far as I know she also make ponchos, yukata and obi on request.

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Kaeru hat gesagt…

Thank you for share this awesome shop ! I will fav it immediately ! : )

Aichi hat gesagt…

*haha* Welcome ^_^/ Enjoy shopping ~

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