Hello my dear readers! ヽ(。◕‿◕。)

On Sunday (April 7th) we celebrated my birthday party. My birthday is actually on April 1st. First of all I want to show you the "surprise" cake I got - I didn´t know anything about it. *laughs*

Doesn´t it look beautiful? In this case thanks again to my mum and sister ♥ Very delicious! The text says: Happy birthday dear Laura ^_^/

The theme for this party was of course "Asia/Japan". Here you can see the lovely decorated table:

We cooked a lot of different food, here you can see the things I ate:

with chinese cabbage
salad with japanese dressing, tofu and edamame ♥

Of course I wore Kimono. Well, in my defence I have to say that I was really in a hurry and my Kitsuke looks not very good, I am sorry. Somehow I have often problems with my collar ... however, I hope you still like the pictures =3

my fav Kimono ♥
this was my first Obi and I wore it for the first time *haha*

sorry for the messy collar =c
Zori with Sakura tabi ♥

Now the presents I got from my friend Laura (yes, we have the same name *lol*)

me unwrapping the gift from Laura ~
cute chinese tea cup with a tea strainer inside =D
She also gave me the amazing "Sakura" gift set from RITUALS:

This set contains shower foam, shower cream scrub, body cream & the ultimate hand sensation. Arigatou again ♥ The scent is amazing!

One of the cute presents from my sister, an adorable key chain (* v *)/  It´s called Nelly. Looks cute together with my Kimono, right?

It was really a nice and funny evening!

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tibyan44 hat gesagt…

aww so much beautiful <3 and I liked your pretty kimono and the gift too :3 the cake it look beautiful <3 omedetou I hope you had so much fun *w* korekara mo ganbatte ne *O* you may someday become a famous www

Kaeru hat gesagt…

Froh geburstag ! Viel gluck !
What a beautifull cake ! The rabbit is really cute ^_^.

Miya Skellington hat gesagt…

Was für ein toller Kuchen <33 Und die Geschenke sind auch ganz toll. Freut mich, dass der Tag so schön für dich war. ^^

Anonym hat gesagt…

Der Kuchen - wow! Ist ja fast zu schade zum essen xD ich hoffe, er hat auch so gut geschmeckt wie er aussah ^_^

Aichi hat gesagt…

Thank you Ti-chan =D I am glad you like it ♥ Un, choo tanoshikatta. LOL Tabun itsuka ne ;D

Aichi hat gesagt…

Dankeschön Kaeru-san =>
Yes, it´s a really a lovely cake >3<

I adore this rabbit so much, it´s so fluffy and soft. ♥♥♥ With a lil bell.

My sister knows what I like *haha*

Aichi hat gesagt…

Ja, das war wirklich eine tolle Überraschung =D

Muss mal bald diese Sakura Serie ausprobieren (^w^)/

Vielen lieben Dank Miya =3

Aichi hat gesagt…

Ja, da hast du Recht. Wollte auch erst keiner anschneiden *haha* Aber wir haben ihn ja so für immer verewigt 8D

Doch, er war wirklich sehr gut.
Danke für dein Kommentar ♥

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