Today I want to show you the 3 last Obi from my collection I have so far; 2 Fukuro Obi and 1 Rokutsuu Fukuro:

Fukuro Obi with senmen (paper centres of folding fans),
manju-giku (stylised, rounded chrysanthemum),
kasamatsu (dense pine branch, 'mushroom' shaped)
and eda-ume (plum on the branch)

Fukuro Obi with sasa (bamboo)

Rokutsuu Fukuro Obi with woven cattleya (orchids) and hishigata (diamonds)

Further two Shibori Obiage I won yesterday:

deep pink color

deep orange color

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Kaeru hat gesagt…

The one with bamboo is very nice !
What is the difference between fukuro and rokutsuu fukuro ?

Aichi hat gesagt…

Thank you very much. I bought this with the bamboo motive actually for a Tomesode I had in the past.

It had a lovely sho-chiku-bai motive but after it arrived I noticed that it had too many stains, I was so sad.
I sold it via Ebay and bought another Tomesode (the one with many cranes).

Roku means six in Japanese. And Rokutsuu means that the Obi is only 60% patterned.

tibyan44 hat gesagt…

woah so pretty ♥ I love all of them (~*O*~) spring/summer days it very fit for kimonos/yukatas ;A:/

Aichi hat gesagt…

Thank you so much Tibyan ♥ In fact, all 3 Obis are for autumn/winter and you wear this kind of Obi only for formal Kimono like Tsukesage/Houmongi/Furisode/Iromuji or Tomesode.

Yukata are not formal enough. =)

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