Konnichi wa (Hello) dear followers,

I am glad that people liked my first (click) coordinations. I got some nice comments, not only here but also via Facebook. ♡ Thank you very much ♡

Well, back on topic. Today I want to present you the second coordination and I hope you also like this one. ❀

Here you can see my Komon with botan and senmen design along with my Tsuke-obi. As accessoires I chose a green shibori Obiage and the ribbon Obidome with lace Sanbuhimo. Further a pink bag, silver/pink Zori and Tabi with Sakura embroidery.

Not on the pictures ... but for my hair I will wear the Kanzashi I got from my sister as christmas gift. You can see them here (click) ~

I want to wear this ensemble for the upcoming Japan-Day in Düsseldorf.

4 Kommentare :

tibyan hat gesagt…

omg it very pretty :'D I wish u will have so much fun in japan day *O*/

Aichi hat gesagt…

Thank you very much Tibyan ♥ I hope so too, I am looking forward so much =]

Miya Skellington hat gesagt…

Kommt sicher gut auf dem Japantag ^^

Aichi hat gesagt…

Danke, hoffe ich auch ^_^

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