I want to present you now the last part of my Kimono coordination project "Spring has come".

I created different outfits with the same Kimono only by changing the Obi or Komomo (accessoires).

Please tell me which one you like the most. Thank you! ♥

1st outfit

Pale lilac Tsukesage with peony motive,
Fukuro Obi with kanzemizu (whirlpool) design,
salmon pink Obiage with Shibori pattern and green/pink Obijime

Along with orange-gold Zori and matching bag
2nd outfit

I want to wear this outfit one day before the Japanday in Düsseldorf.
My bfriend and me will be there already on Friday and go to a
japanese Restaurant with friends.

here with another Fukuro Obi
(senmen, ayame, peony and eda-ume design),
a green shibori Obiage and silver Obijime.

Along with silver/pink Zori and matching bag
same outfit but with a gold/silver Obijime
3rd outfit

I think I will wear this for my birthday party ♥

here with Rokutsuu Fukuro Obi
(ryusui - flowing water motive),
salmon pink Obiage with shibori pattern
and shiny pink Obijime

8 Kommentare :

Nancy hat gesagt…

I think I like the second one best! They're all very nice though! <3

Aichi hat gesagt…

Thanks for your kind comment Nancy ♥
Yes, it´s a very matching outfit ~
I am looking forward to wear it soon.

tibyan44 hat gesagt…

awww ;A; I like the third one with golden/silver obijime :3 all of them are very beautiful <3 and much flowers and colorful <3 (~*O*~)

Aichi hat gesagt…

Arigatou (° 3 °)/♪
Yes, I still cannot decide which Obijime I want to wear with this outfit ... *haha*

Very spring-like, right? ~*

tibyan44 hat gesagt…

Yes ♥ very like a spring =w= I think when you wear them and go to a JapanDay I feel you will feel a flowers around you and very nice feelings ♥♥♥ (~♥0♥~) hana no ko

Aichi hat gesagt…

ええ、あたしもそう思います。 (.笑.)
花の少女のようにねー。 コメント本当にありがとう。 ♥

Kaeru hat gesagt…

I vote for the second one ! The color of the bac is really nice !! *_*

Aichi hat gesagt…

Thank you Kaeru-san ♥
It seems most of the people like the second one the most =3

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