I can imagine that you are asking yourself now: What is "i-Wabijin"? It´s a page which represents women from all over the world who have the essence of both Japanese and Western beauties and also enjoy Kimono dressing.

You can read about the whole concept here and please join their page: i-Wabijin concept

When you are interested in Kimono and also do Kitsuke, you can write down your personal Kimono story and send it to the page here: KimonoStory Entry form (click)

If they accept your story they will answer and also translate it into Japanese. I am happy to say that they really published my Kimono story and that I am now part of this wonderful page

Click on the following links to read my story:

English version
Japanese version

6 Kommentare :

Kaeru hat gesagt…

Congratulations ! It's a nice story, thank you for sharing !

Aichi hat gesagt…

Thank you very much Kaeru-san ♥
Why you donnot send you Kimono Story as well? =)

Sekhet hat gesagt…

Congratulations : )

Aichi hat gesagt…

Many thanks =D

Kaeru hat gesagt…

I think I'm too young in kimono, I will send my story but maybe in few years ;)

Aichi hat gesagt…

Since when you started wearing Kimono? However, am looking forward to read you story someday =)

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