Hey guys!

I am sorry that it took a while to write this last entry about the Japanweek but I was busy. However, hope you like it ^_^/

May 5th programm

- Calligraphy course
- Cooking course

Around 12 pm the Calligraphy course started ~

First they talked about the history of Calligraphy and then they showed us the basic techniques - not easy! After this we had to try writing the following Kanji which means 'kome' (米 - rice):

me, on the left, trying to write kome

Then we had to choose a Kanji we like the most - I took botan - peony, my favourite flower.

Calligraphy utensils

left: original - right: my first try =D *fail*

and the final result written on ricepaper:

needs more practice, I know ;-)

I think for my first try it went pretty well (*coughs*). But to be very good you have to train for years *haha* It was really a nice experience though =3

LUNCHTIME - Off to the Maid Café

Menu of the day at the maid café was Yakisoba (I adore noodles *laughs*)

totemo oishikatta desu - was very delicious ♥

15 pm - time for the Cooking course!

our working places ~

We were seperated into 2 groups - the course instructor first talked about the history of rice. I always thought that rice came originally from China but I was wrong, it has its origin in Korea *haha*

Further they showed us the many many rice varieties, rice products and meals cooked with rice:

onigiri ♥

cute bentos and onigiri ♥

furikake and a traditional Japanese meal ♥

Then we learned how to wash rice correctly:

After this we went to another room where we all cooked chicken teriyaki together. I am a big fan of teriyaki-sauce ♥ The taste is just awesome!

ingredients for 2 groups

the ingredients for the sauce
You need sugar, a lil bit sake, soy sauce, mirin, water and potato starch solved in water.

making the teriyaki sauce

done! *o*

Then we roasted the chicken meat and added the sauce in the end:

oishisou desu ne - looks delicious, right?

Back in the first room, we all made miso soup together but first they told us about the different types of miso:

right: Mamemiso is very salty and has a harsh taste

right: white and red miso

I didn´t know that there are so many miso sorts in Japan (^~^)"

For our miso soup we used white and red miso paste:

left: nori (seaweed) and right: red miso

left: chopped leek - right: adding miso paste

our selfmade miso soup *o*

And here you can see the final result of the cooking course - itadakimasu ♥

right: with tofu was also super delicious ^ _ ^)/

I´m sure you are all hungry now! Thanks for reading, would be nice if you leave a comment ♥

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tibyan44 hat gesagt…

gokurousama\(^o^)/ it seems really fun and I though same xD that rice originally from china too xD I hope u had so much fun learning it ^^ ur handwritten kanji r beautiful ♥ OMG true xD it made me feel hungry~ xD

Aichi hat gesagt…

Daijoubu da yo ne ^_^/ You thought the same? Yeah, I really expected that it has its origin in China, since many is from China *lol* Thanks =) The course teachers also said that my calligraphy looks good >.< Wish we could eat chicken teriyaki issho ni nau ~♥

Usai hat gesagt…

Oh mann das schaut alles so toll aus <3

Aichi hat gesagt…

*haha* Dankeschön ♥_♥/ Ja, es war sehr lecker *yumyum*

Anonym hat gesagt…

Your calligraphy was very nice :) You looked super pretty too :D There are so many types of miso! Never thought there would be so many colors and varieties. Nice entry. I always learn a lot from your blog.

Aichi hat gesagt…

Thanks for your kind words, that makes me very happy =)
Me either, I was surprised. Yes, there is always something new we can learn, right? ^_^/

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