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First I want to say THANK YOU for the nice comments to my last entry. That made me very happy, please feel hugged by me (*^o^*)/° 

But now lets start to write about the second event day of the Japanweek ~

May 4th programm

- Origami course
- Tea ceremony course
- Music evening

Because I am not soo much into Origami I only went to the Tea ceremony and Music evening. I have to say that the Tea ceremony was my personal highlight of the Japanweek. I am very much into such traditional Japanese things, it was kinda touching for me *laughs*

First they told us that you will always find also a calligraphie hung up during a tea ceremony. This one above means: nichi nichi kore koujitsu - every day is a good day!

A lovely message for all guests - which means you have to enjoy this special day. ♥

Then they explained the most important basic rules of Chadou (the way of tea) and we had to learn how to use and fold the fukusa - it´s not easy! It is used for the symbolic cleansing of the tea scoop and tea caddy, and (usually by women) to handle hot kettle or pot lids. The host and assistants at a tea gathering wear the fukusa tucked into the Obi.

After this we had to try making the green tea by our own in proper sequence. Here you can see my tea equipment and my first selfmade matcha ♥~

At the end of the tea ceremony course they performed a full ceremony for us. It was a very peaceful moment *tears*


LUNCHTIME - Off to the Maid Café

After the great Tea ceremony we all made a break and had something to eat. The menu of the day was curry with rice:

*nom nom* ♥
having fun at the café

Yes, also on the second day I wore Kimono:

wearing my fav Kimono - Tsukesage ♥

NEXT AND LAST POINT - Music evening

Around 18 pm the music evening started ~

the programm ~

They played mainly classical music with the piano, flute, trumpet and also with a shakuhachi. I liked Chopin´s pieces the most ♥  

Hope you had fun reading about the second day, please leave a comment. Thanks!

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Anonym hat gesagt…

That's really interesting :) Tea ceremonies are always beautiful to watch. Everything is so precise and delicate. Pretty kimono, as always. Ah, you had Tarou's favorite! Curry~

Aichi hat gesagt…

I agree. It was very beautiful ^ ^)/ Thank you very much ♥
*haha* Of course I also thought about Tarou while eating curry =3

tibyan44 hat gesagt…

I love for practicing about Tea Ceremony even though I haven't tried before ヽ(;▽;)ノ shakuhachi sound it so beautiful ♥ and kimono's so beautiful ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Aichi hat gesagt…

Me too, I could do it every day *laughs* I hope you can try it someday, maybe in Japan directly =D

I have to say ... Shakuhachi had a lil bit strange sound. I could not listen to it the whole day long ... >_<

Thanks thanks ♥ , ♥)/

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