Hello hello my dear readers!

Finally I have time to write a few new entries here. Yes, I wrote `a few´. I wanna tell you about the Japanweek and I have to split everything into 3 parts. The private language school called "F+U", located in Heidelberg, organized the Japanweek again (May 3rd-5th) and I am happy to say that I was a member of the Kimono/Yukata course (^_^)/°


We started about 2 weeks before the event started to prepare everthing. We often met, had meetings, practiced the dressing part and I also translated a lot into German (most of our group members were Japanese people who learn German since a few months/weeks - we talked in English, Japanese and German *laughs*) for the presentation and dressing explanation. Everytime we met we worked at least 4 hours but it was always funny =3 Actually I should only help during the dressing part (Yukata), but ´cause I know much about Kimono I conducted the presentation with another member of our group as well.

I also helped with hanging up posters and handing out flyers in the city, which looked like this:

Our Yukata test dressings:

Since I collect only Kimono I wore Yukata for the first time. It´s very easy =D Maybe I will buy one someday ^_~


May 3rd programm

- Kimono/Yukata course
- Japanseminar

Around 15 pm the Kimono/Yukata course started. We had about 20 guests. First we held our presentation:

We talked about the following things:

the meaning and origin of Kimono, Furisode, Obi musubi, Uchikake, Mofuku, Shichi-Go-San, Maiko and of course Yukata. We also prepared a little quiz for our guests =D Since I own a Furisode and many accessoires you need for it, we showed them during the presentation:

the accessoires

the Furisode

Then our guest had to try dressing themselves into Yukata without any help. Here you can see everything we provided:

After this we showed how it works correctly and also helped when they still needed some advice:

All had a lot of fun and wanted to know much about Kimono. ♥ And this picture shows all the Kimono group members together:

Thanks for the good work! m(_ _)m

Like you can see in the pics above I wore Kimono (what a surprise *haha*). Here you can see the whole ensemble for the first day:

I wore my Komon ♥

... with Asami-chan ♥

LUNCHTIME - Off to the Maid Café:

Everday the Maid Café offered many delicious Japanese meals. I never ate so much within 3 days =3 *yummy* The menu of the first day was Oyako-Don - my personal fav ♥ It was so good ♥

oishikatta desu ♥


They talked about men society, women´s fashion and Sushi:

we could make our own sushi ♥

I hope you all had fun reading this entry and looking at the pictures. ありがとう ♥

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Wow, it looked so fun! Thanks for posting all the pictures. I loved the kimono with purple flowers.

Aichi hat gesagt…

Thanks, I am glad you like my entry
and the Kimono as well ♥

Greetings ~

Kaeru hat gesagt…

What a awesome day !
You like wonderfull in your pink kimono ! ^_^
The furisode is beautiful !

Miya Skellington hat gesagt…

Wirklich tolle Bilder und der Yukata steht dir richtig gut. ^^ Ich persönlich mag die auch lieber als Kimono.

Aichi hat gesagt…

Thank you very much. Yes, it was really a nice day ♥~

Aichi hat gesagt…
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Aichi hat gesagt…

Dankeschön Miya *o* Echt? Also ich mag Kimono viel mehr, weil sie einfach edler sind und mehr nach "Kunst" aussehen *lach* Aber für heiße Sommertage sind Yukata immer praktisch =)

Vanyy hat gesagt…

頑張ってねアイチちゃん <3

Aichi hat gesagt…
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Aichi hat gesagt…
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Aichi hat gesagt…

コメントどうもありがとうVanyyちゃん。 ♥
本当にありがとうねー *チョーうれしい* (笑)
はい、いつも頑張ります。 (*^*)/

tibyan44 hat gesagt…

woah it seems very fun! (~⌒O⌒~) i'm glad that you got a work for it i'm sur they've enjoyed so much with their smiles in their faces (●⌒∇⌒●) I liked your kimono/yukata ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ * Otsukaresama~ d=(´▽`)=b

Aichi hat gesagt…

Yes, it was very funny (*^o^*)/
*haha* I had to hide their faces, I donnot know if people like it to be seen on someones blog, ne ^^"

Thank you for liking it. Otsukare ~

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