Hello dear Kimono lovers!

Today is a special day - May 29th is the international 'Wear Kimono Day', called Gofuku no hi in Japanese. 

But why is it called Gofuku (no hi; の connects two nouns and 日 means day )? 

First of all, the Japanese people are writing the date in the following way (only for all those who didn´t know about that yet): first comes the year, then the month and lastly followed by the date of the month. Here in Germany we´re doing it the other way around ;-) 

That means that May 29th would be written like that in Japanese: 2016年5月29日 

The numbers 5-2-9 can be read as go-fu-ku in Japanese! I think that it´s a nice wordplay :) Further, Gofuku (呉服) refers to the fabric you are using to make Kimono (and for Japanese traditional clothes in general). Kimono shop in Japan are also often called Gofuku-ya (呉服屋) instead of Kimono-ya (着物屋)

But let´s come to the more interesting part ;-) Well, since I knew that I probably wouldn´t have the time nor a real occasion (like going to a Japanese restaurant) would occur during which I could wear one of my Kimono today, I prepared at least a Kimono ensemble beforehand :) Now get ready for a flood of pictures *haha*


For my 呉服の日 entry I chose my phoenix Kuro-tomesode called Senko fumetsu (千古不滅), which means 'Immortality'. I bought this beauty about 5 years ago and 2014 I had finally found a matching Obi for it. What made it a little bit hard to find a matching Obi for it was, that I wanted to have one which has similar colors like the ones that can be found in the Kimono´s design, further it also should have phoenixes in it. I like Kimono outfits where the design of the Kimono and Obi are similar/the same :-P And one day I was lucky to find exactly what I was looking for! ♡ I think it really was worth the patience :-)

The wonderful Fukuro obi with karabana (imaginary Chinese flower), houou (phoenix), shippou (interlocking circles), kikkou (hexagonal, honeycomb tortoiseshell) and fuji (wisteria) ~

Here are a few more detailed pics of the Obi´s design and the formal Obijime:

the small, golden 'birds' are the phoenixes ♥

The karabana design can be found both on the Obijime and Obi ♥

Now let´s continue with the accessories:

Of course, when going out in a Kimono, you will need shoes and a nice bag as well ;-) And that the design of the set I used here also has karabana in it, really is a coincidence! *haha*

... with Tabi socks
... without the Tabi, now the whole design can be seen :-)

The bag´s design only ♥ By the way, karabana is a multi-seasonal motif ;-)

Last but not least, the Kimono´s motif itself, enjoy:

I adore it that the flower petals look like they are floating around together with the phoenix :-)

cute ume (plum) blossoms in different colours ~

Yeah, I hope you like this coord as much as I do and it would be nice if you leave a comment below. I hope my love and enthusiasm for this ensemble wasn´t too much, but I simply couldn´t hide it *laughs* I don´t want to sound conceited but I think that´s one of the most beautiful coords I have ever created ~

Thanks for reading and maybe you´ll see me wearing this Kimono one day ;-) 
Wishing you all a nice Gofuku no hi! ♪

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