Actually I only have to replace a few words and lines from my previous entry and change them like this:

... and then my brother asked me what I want to have for Christmas.

I donnot wanted to have another Tsukesage only but also a new Furisode since a while. The one I have is nice but there are more beautiful ones out there >_<

I surfed through Shinei´s pages again and couldn´t believe my eyes ... a Furisode with a black basic color, in perfect condition made of silk for a super price. I was like: (o.o)

I still don´t understand why it was so cheap, even the Houmongi was more expensive *haha* Good for me I saw this beauty ... I want to give you only a little preview again ~

Some of the peonies and other flowers are embroidered ♥ 
The design is fantastic, cannot wait :3

4 Kommentare :

Miya Skellington hat gesagt…

Das Muster ist wirklich toll.

Aichi hat gesagt…

Dankeschön <3

Kaeru hat gesagt…

It look beautiful ! You will be very luck for your christmass. I'm impatiente to see you wear it ! : )

Aichi hat gesagt…

Merci Kaeru =) Yes, I think so too *giggles*
I hope that I can wear one of my new Kimono next summer for Japanday. For the Furisode I have to buy a new Nagajuban.

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