Hello my dear followers!

Yes, Christmas is just around the corner and I am sure most of you already thought: What shall I buy for my relatives and friends? I asked my sister, brother, mother and boyfriend what their wishes are and then my sister said to me: "What do you wanna have actually?" My first reaction was: "Hm, I don´t know yet ...."

The day before I talked with my boyfriend about our plans for the Japanday 2014 in Düsseldorf, which hotel we´ll choose etc. And of course the topic Kimono came up as well.

And then everything was clear: I want a new Kimono! >o<

Since ages I wanted to have another Tsukesage, they are just one of my fav types of Kimono. I surfed through their shop and luckily I found one ON SALE which I liked very much! I wrote a message to my sister and told her about it. In the end she said: "Yes, you can have it!" ... First I was too afraid asking her because with shipping the Kimono cost 60€ *ehem ...* Therefore I am even happier that I could get it.

I want to give you only a little preview of the lovely details:

CAN´T WAIT to get it ♥


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H-SAMA blog hat gesagt…

gorgeous! good gift

Aichi hat gesagt…

Thank you very much ♥

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