Hello and 今日は (konnichi wa) dear followers!

First I want to thank you all for the nice comments I got to my two previous entries. Always makes me happy to read them, 本当にありがとうございます。

Today I want to continue with the Japantag (Japan-day) event. This entry will be about the actual Japantag which was on Saturday.

I woke up around 9:30 am to get ready in time. It always takes around 45 minutes only for getting dressed up in Kimono (+ 1 hour for makeup etc. ). After my boyfriend and me were ready we took a taxi to drive to the Nikko hotel. My friend Laura wanted to make my hair =) Here is the final result and the whole Kimono ensemble for Saturday:

ready to go ~

 We also made a few group pictures in front of the hotel Nikko, here is one of them:

boyfriend, friends and me xD

First we went to several shops:

the Kyoto shop had many beautiful and traditional stuff, even for Kimono and Yukata. But all was very expensive :(

Yukata ♥

Geta ~

rabbit fan >_< ♥

super expensive but cute owl ♥

lovely fans for traditional dance ♥

the Nippon bookstore had mainly Japanese learning books, not very interesting since I already have such books - and tons of magazines:

the OCS store was also open again, but for the last time and had a mega sale. I bought cute rice- and soup bowls there and a mobile phone charm (see on the other pics):

tsuki no usagi ♥ moon rabbit ♥

kingyo - goldfish ♥

After our shopping trip we all went to the Bolkerstraße (Bolkerstreet). I´ve never been to this part of Düsseldorf before *lol* This street it full of restaurants and bars. I mean, in my hometown there are also a lot ... but this place OMG - FOOD HEAVEN! o.o

In the end we found a bar called "Sweet Heart" and ordered some cocktails; mine was without alcohol tho ~

my drink ♥

To get to the Rheinufer (Rhine) where the actual festival takes place, you have to walk through the city:

exclusive shops *money, where are you? *haha*

mega fan xD

Funnily enough this year a lot more people took pictures of me. A man came to me with a professional camera and made a few pics directly in the city. I wish that I can find them someday online but a friend of mine made a pic while I posed ^^"

and a few more stalker pics from my friends *haha*

Finally we arrived at the Rhine promenade ^_^

cloudy but no rain ♥

Rhine promenade ♥

many Cosplayers

The first thing I did was ordering Sobanoodle-soup which was very delicious *o*

Impressive Cosplay:

Disney *w*

... and me again:

Like every year there are tons of stalls which sell anime/manga merchandise, display traditional stuff and much more:

lovely Ikebana ♥


Chiba information stall

furin - windbells ♥

Nya Nya ~

many Maneki-Neko O(=^_^=)O

the most visited stall xD

You really can get a lot of cute and lovely stuff, but most of it is often super expensive, you cannot imagine *sighs*

amazing live painting *o*

Here you can see my shopping haul of Saturday:

cute Hello Kitty envelopes ♥

postcards with trad. motives for my collection ~

art books for my book collection

finally I have Kiharu´s book ^-^ and another Ukiyo-e book

cute wallet ~

Around 20:30 pm we went back to the hotel, I changed my clothes (and already packed most of my stuff into the luggage) to go back to the Rhine promenade for the firework which started aroun 23:00 pm.

It was a good idea that I had changed into normal clothes cause the weather changed and it rained literally cat and dogs ...

Hope you enjoyed the pics and would be nice if you´d leave a comment. THANKS ♥

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tibyan44 hat gesagt…

woah it seems very fun *o* lol stalker and huge fan wwww I wish to go there someday it have really many great things and cute things *o* ♥ cosplays and books iroiro ne www kawaii items u bought and congratz for buying them (~*O*~) otsukare~ ^.^/

Aichi hat gesagt…

Yes, this fan was so super huge I had to take a pic =D You need a moneytree if you wanna buy a lot of things, really u_u" I love the Disney Cosplay, very well done ♥ It seems that Disney Cosplay is getting more and more famous these days.

Yeah, more books and postcards for my collection *haha*
I need a bigger shelf <.< またありがとう ♥

Kaeru hat gesagt…

Wha ! So many thing to do and see, what an awesome japan day : )

Miya Skellington hat gesagt…

very nice photos of your outfit and the stuff you bought *__*

Aichi hat gesagt…

Indeed, you can be busy for hours *laughs*
Thanks for your comment ♥

Aichi hat gesagt…

*aww* Many thanks for your kind words >_< ♥

Anonym hat gesagt…


Aichi hat gesagt…

Yes, every year and it always reminds me of a special person ^_^

Anonym hat gesagt…

Wow, so much stuff! Too bad it's all so expensive. You're hair came out so pretty! That's cool that people asked to take pictures of you. Chiba info stall, yeah-ah. I agree with previous comment. REPRESENT. Chiba 4lyfe <3

Aichi hat gesagt…

Yep, tons of great stuff, you need a moneytree or just walk by, look at all the lovely things and cry *haha*

I think the reason was that my whole outfit was so super pink and "flowerish" =3 Next time I should go to the Chiba info stall and read more about it. >_<

Yukiko Tanaka hat gesagt…


Aichi hat gesagt…

はい、本当に楽しかったですねー。 (^_^)/°

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