Like we all know there are tons of beautiful Obi musubi, some are easier and others are more difficult. Today I want to start showing you very beautiful but in the same way difficult Obi musubi tutorials. They are all mainly for Furisode Kimono.

 1st one: 春の花 バラ (Haru no hana bara : Spring flower - the rose)

The pictures donnot belong to me (© http://振袖日和.jp)

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Kaeru hat gesagt…

This is awesome !!
When will you tie a musubi like that :D ?
I have stupide question, this kind of musubi does go with a special kind of fukuro obi ? Those knot doesn't mess up totaly a obi ?
Thank you for this tuto !! I will try it ... euh ... one day XD !

Aichi hat gesagt…

Yes, totally right! Me? I think never *lol* This is ways too difficult for me ... ehm ... just a normal Fukuro Obi or Rokutsuu Fukuro also should work for this.

I will post a lot more tutorials like this. *haha* I am looking forward to see it ♥

Miya Skellington hat gesagt…

Wirklich tolles, neues Layout. Irgendwie wirkt dein Blog jetzt viel einladender. ^^ Passend zum wärmeren Wetter~ ^^

Aichi hat gesagt…

Dankeschön =D Ehrlich gesagt, das glaube ich auch. =3
Das vorige war schon recht düster >3< *haha*

Man braucht auch mal was neues!

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