Hello dear readers,

my name is Laura (23), living in Germany and this is my welcome post to you. It is the first time that I have a blog where I will write all in English. I hope that my English is not too bad ...

My interest for the Japanese culture started many years ago through Anime and Manga. When I was 15/16 years old I discovered Japanese rock musik - I am still listening to it.

Because of the music I came to the language which I am learning now for 2-3 years. Nowadays I am mainly interested into the old traditional art and literature of Japan.

But how I came to Kimono and Kitsuke?

Friends of my mother knew that I am so interested into Japan and one day they gave me the biography of Mineko Iwasaki as a gift. To this time I already knew some things about Geisha but not that much like today. If you have already read her book you will know that there are pictures of her in it. So I saw that pic of her wearing this fantastic Hikizuri and it was love at the first sight:

Until today I love green related to Kimono things and white is just a very elegant color. Thereupon I started to search after more informations about Geisha, Maiko and Kimono, too. I found to the nice German page called Hanamachi.de and learned many things.

Then I discovered the ImmortalGeisha-Forum. Of course I dreamed about having my own Kimono for a long, long time but the money was to this time always a big problem for me ... After my registration I made new friends, also German kimono-lovers are there. This Forum is really a good place to learn many things about the Geisha and Kimono world.

Last year two German members from this Forum started a private kimono-sale. Fortunately I saw a nice and really cheap Tsukesage Kimono and Nagajuban which fit me - so I finally got my first Kimono. I was so happy ~

A short while after this I discovered good Ebay-shops *haha* and many nice online-shops which sell great Kimono stuff. My collection is growing and growing, it will never end ...

I am really happy about the fact that there are more and more people out there who love Kimono and Kitsuke and that we can chat together through Facebook, Flickr, Forums and Blogs. I planned to make this blog a long time ago - so I hope that you all will enjoy it and have fun.

Of course I want to share my collection and many informations about Kimono and Kitsuke. If you have further questions just feel free to ask.

Thanks for reading this entry, Laura ~

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