My Chuburisode, it´s made out of synthetic - so I could wash it,
got it from a kimono-blog sale

(click on the pic to get the real size)


Full length (from bottom till under the collar): 160 cm
Sleeve length: 94 cm
Span width: 124 cm

Motive: ougi (folding fan), maru mon (large designs in circles), chou (butterfly), kiku (chrysanthemum), botan (peony), momiji (maple),
fuji (wisteria), kiri (paulownia), kikyo (bellflower), himawari (sunflower), tachibana (mandarin orange), kasumi (misty cloud),
ran (orchid with long, narrow spike shaped petals), matsu (pine) and eda-ume (plum on the branch)

It was not so easy for me to find a Juban with a similar sleeve length, but fortunately after a long time I found one:

Motive: sayagata (interlocked greek key/swastika) and honmon design (sayagata pattern inlaid with flowers)

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