I was utterly happy to get this stunning Taishou era Kuro-Tomesode through a private Kimono sale - for a good price. This Kimono got the name: black beauty

(click on the pic to get the original size)


Full length (from bottom till under the collar): 155 cm
Sleeve length: 63 cm
Span width: 125 cm

Motive: senmen (paper centres of folding fans), gosho guruma (royal cart), momiji (maple), kiku (chrysanthemum), shippou (interlocking circles), kikkou (hexagonal, honeycomb tortoiseshell), eda-ume (plum on the branch) and maru mon (large designs in circles)

It´s having the typical longer sleeves and the lining is red.


Shortly after I purchased the Taishou-Tomesode, I fortunately also found a Taishou Maru Obi which
suits this Kimono very well - also here the price was not too high.

(click on the pic to get the original size)Motive: ougi (folding fan), ume (plum blossom), aranami (wild wave), kiku (chrysanthemum) and more ...

It was not uncommon to this time, during the Taishou era I mean, to wear Maru Obi with Kuro-Tomesode.

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