Last year I was so lucky to get an Odori hikizuri - a dance kimono worn by Geiko/Geisha. Well, first of all I didn´t really know that I bought one. It was a "Buy it now" auction only for 35 € ~ 46 $ !

MeasurementsFull length (from bottom till under the collar): 205 cm
Motive: sensu (semicircular fans), ougi (folding fan),
fuji (wisteria) and sakura (cherry blossom)

It was sold as an Uchikake, a Kimono worn by brides. After I uploaded some pictures of my purchase on Flickr I got comments like:

"Wow! It really looks like a Hikizuri"
"It doesn´t look like a typical Uchikake ..." etc

In the end all people were sure that this beauty has to be an Odori hiki.
Now I know the differences between an Uchikake and Odori hiki of course.

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