Hello my dear readers!

Yesterday there was a 花見 (Hanami) organised by a German Budo club. A friend of mine is a club member and she invited my boyfriend and me to come.

She is collecting Kimono like me and said that she´ll is show some of her Kimono and Obi there. I was so happy that it was also possible for me to display my Kimono and Obi during this event.

Here you can see some of the displays:

my Taishou era Kurotomesode

Unfortunately I didn´t made any pictures of my Obi. The Obis you can see here belong to my friend.

my Ro Kimono and Odori Hiki
- my friend´s Chuya Obi

my friend´s Furisode, Nagoya obi
and accessoires, also from me

my friend´s Uchikake, Komon and Houmongi

Of course we both wore Kimono - she did a Geisha cosplay, I know the collar is not right, but however ...

left: my friend, right: a friend of her wearing 
a Vampire Knight cosplay -
I love the anime and manga ♥

I tied her obi - fortunately it worked out well ... and last but not least some pictures of me:

I really enjoyed this day ♥

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