Hello dear readers!

Sorry for the late update ... I was so busy the last few weeks (_ _)"
But today I wanna share some (I hope) nice Kitsuke pictures with you.

Well, last Saturday (08.09.) we had a big Sushi meeting. We, that means the Japanese course which I attend to and the people from the Japanese beginner course. That was the best chance for me to wear Kimono again, finally ♥

I decided to wear my very first Kimono, the Tsukesage with orchid design. It´s perfect for September ´cause you can wear orchids only during this month (I heard lol).

Fortunatley I also have a Fukuro obi with the same motive ;-)

But let´s go back to the Sushi meeting ... before we went to the restaurant we made some nice group pics:

The woman who is wearing the green shirt is my sensei (teacher). Her name is Mikiko. Some course member also brought friends along ~ We were about 20 people in the end together *laughs*

and here is the food I ordered:

(starter): Miso soup and some lychee

(main dish): California maki and a set menu

(dessert): Mochi ♥

All was so delicious - like always *haha*

Itadakimasu ~

after the dinner a friend of mine made some more pics in front of the restaurant:

together with Laura ♥

inside of our courtyard:

(sorry for the quality, mobile phone pics)

It was a really lovely and nice day, we all enjoyed the sushi and I hope we can make such a Sushi meeting soon again.

Regards ~

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