Yesterday arrived my new and 10th kimono - yay! =D Peonies are one of my absolute favourite motive, like most of you surely already have noticed *lol*. And then 2 or 3 days before Christmas I saw this beautiful Tsukesage on Ebay:

(click on the pictures to get the original size)


Full length (from bottom till under the collar): 163 cm
Sleeve length: 47 cm
Span width: 135 cm

Motive: botan (peony)


It is a pale purple and the silk is heavy, very shiny and pretty soft. I mean, I wanted another Tsukesage since ages and this was the perfect chance for me to get such a beautiful and wearable Tsukesage for a reasonable price. Since mid November I haven´t bought any new Kimono item because I needed the money for Christmas presents. I decided to buy this Kimono as a Christmas present to myself ♥

But the best of all is that I have finally a Kimono which suits this lovely Tsuke-Obi:

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